American History Prints is a catalog of reproduced etchings and associated text material from the five volume set of Scribner’s History of the United States, published in 1879. The 2,000 etchings capture fascinating detail. Plus, history as written in the 1800s employes word choice unlike history as currently written.

Images are presented two ways. All the images are included in the Catalog Slideshow. The Catalog is divided into Albums, which are roughly considered as event-tied chapters. The Posts will present subsets of the slideshows of particular tag groupings. All images will be tagged with one of seven choices:

  1. landscape,
  2. architecture,
  3. portrait,
  4. signature,
  5. action,
  6. artifact, and
  7. map.

These seven posts will represent the basic posts. In addition, names, locations, and other tags will be included. Additional posts will be made when sufficient numbers of images including each tag have been identified.

Slideshows are navigated using standard controls at the bottom. Mouse roll-over displays any associated text. To read lengthy texts, pause the slideshow.

All images have been reproduced and enhanced with the best quality digital technologies. These copyright protected reproductions are available under licensing agreement for greeting cards, post cards, calanders, and other print projects. Small quantities of fine art reproductions are available in sizes up to 11×17 inches.

For inquiries user the contact link. Thanks and enjoy.